Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Animationsinstitut
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Animationsinstitut

When they pull a mysterious box out of the swamp, the dull lives of two fishermen take an unexpected turn. Once they discover the box’s magic powers, the couple tries to make their bleak world a better place. But as it turns out, playing God is dangerous business.


Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, Spain
Siggraph Asia, Japan
Anima Mundi, Brasil
Schlingel Internationales Filmfestival, Germany – Special Mention
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, Germany


This project was developed during a set extension workshop at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Taking place at the Animationsinstitut, it focused on the interface of visual effects, production design, and camera work. For this film I collaborated with an animation student: He kept an eye on the overall design, while it was on me to get the story across amidst all the visual challenges.

The whole set was designed in a digital, three-dimensional space and only a small part of the footbridge was later actually built in the studio. So little physical components, so many questions: How do we position the footbridge in the room to still have enough space for all the required camera settings? How do we block the actors and break up the scene in order to end up with a nice digital background? Not what I’d call an intuitive workflow. In preparation, we produced tons of pre-visualizations – everything from architectural drawings to animated videos of the scene. Future shit – at least for me!

Only one day of shooting, tons of equipment, and 40 people resulted in a hectic set and little time to work with the actors. As this was to be expected, we rehearsed extensively beforehand. It was my main task to guide the actors through the day and make them feel secure in between all the technical stuff. For this special day, I put on my best yellow sweater. Not only does it suit me very well, but it also helped the actors to easily spot me amongst the rest of the crew that was dressed in black.


Directed by – Diego Hauenstein, Till Sander-Titgemeyer

Written by – Diego Hauenstein, Annika Klatt, Till Sander-Titgemeyer, Jan Robin Weiland

Producer – Nina Schwarz

Cast – Denise Hasler, Christopher Parkinson

Cinematography – Jan Robin Weiland

Production Design – Larissa Bonitz, Anika Klatt

Editing – Quirin Grimm

Costumes – Miriam Siman

Hair/Makeup – Nicole Durovic

Location Sound Mix – Sirius Kestel

Casting – Juliane Voigtländer

VFX-Supervisor – Mario Bertsch

VFX Creative Director – Verena Nomura

Music – Benedikt Immerz

Sounddesign – Sirius Kestel, Niklas Menschik

Recording Sound Mix – Niklas Menschik

First Assistant Director – Marvin Sprengel

Credits: Jan Robin Weiland