Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Elena and Pascal are at the carnival. A night of folklore and madness which takes over the entire city. But their relationship has seen better days. As the two of them stumble through the night, they grow further and further apart.


Los Angeles International Culture Film Festival, USA – Best Narrative Award
Chicago Feminist Film Festival, USA


Low budget – high production value! Maximum chaos. No permission. For four nights we were shooting at a carnival in the heart of Switzerland. At first we were only working when there was no police around. After we had accidently gotten ourselves into a mass brawl the first night, we made sure they were always in sight.

We were shooting chronologically in order to leave room for adjustments to the script in case anything unexpected happens. Although there was a very specific concept for the image and sound, we stayed as flexible as possible. There were various locations for each scene, so we could decide spontaneously in case a certain spot was too hectic or dangerous.

In order to get disrupted as little as possible during the shoot, we had to blend in. Meaning: costumes for everyone. The equipment was hidden, there was no clapperboard, no loud instructions. We communicated via radio, which was discreet and practical amidst the surrounding noise. The camera was close to the actors in the crowd, while the rest of the crew was scattered all around. I had a wireless monitor and audio output to be able to whisper instructions into the DOP's ear during the take. Nice!


Written and Directed by – Diego Hauenstein

Producer – Filippo Bonacci

Cast – Nina Maria Wyss, Patrick Slanzi, Kim Allamand

Cinematography – Ramón Königshausen

Editing – Simon Gutknecht

Costumes – Delia C. Keller

Location Sound Mix – Benoît Barraud

Casting – Diego Hauenstein

Sounddesign – Remie Blaser

Recording Sound Mix – Gregg Skerman

First Assistant Director – Luca Ribler

Credits: Milos Stolic