A couple goes for a hike, though their intentions differ.


Oderkurz-Filmspektakel, Germany — Audience Award
Medellin Int'l Film Festival, Colombia — Best Cinematography
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival, India — Best Cinematography

Shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival, Switzerland
Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland
Firenze Filmcorti Festival, Italy
Papaya Rocks Film Festival, UK
Red Dirt Film Festival, USA
The Buddha Int'l Film Festival, India
Seoul Int'l Extreme Short & Image Film Festival, Korea
Capital Filmmakers Festival Madrid, Spain
Parkflimmern Film Festival, Germany
Durham Region Int'l Film Festival, Canada
Start Int'l Short Film Festival, Azerbaijan
Sugarly Sweet Film Festival, Netherlands
Blue Danube Film Festival, Austria
Beyond Earth Film Festival, India
Short Sweet Film Fest, USA
Kontras Filmfestival, Germany
Mecal Pro - Barcelona Int'l Shortfilm Festival, Spain
Independent Days Int'l Film Festival, Germany
Clujshorts Int'l Short Film Festival, Romania
The Myrtle Beach Int'l Film Festival, USA
Cheltenham Int'l Film Festival, UK
Dortmunder Tresen-Filmfestival, Germany


The film was conceived for the entrance exam for admission to Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg: „Make a film in 72h. Find a rhythm for the pain of a harsh break-up. Three minutes – no music.“  The whole thing ran as smoothly as a Swiss watch. The small, but strong team was key. We had all worked together many times prior and without much ado, everybody knew exactly what to do. I liked the result and so did the school – thank god – because I didn’t exactly impress with other test results.

There was no script, only an arc and a dilemma, divided into five short scenes (of which only four made the final cut). I knew where I wanted the story to go and the beginning and the end of every scene, but nothing much in between. The actors were not let in on this plan. Together, and in one-on-one sessions, we had developed the characters and their relationship to one another. There was a common backstory interwoven with secrets they keep from each other, to make room for insecurities and mistrust. Both of the characters went on the hike with the intention of saving their relationship – her by having sex, him by proposing.

We didn’t rehearse at all, but started shooting right away. As I gave the actors instructions separately, they couldn’t anticipate the other’s next move. They had a very good instinct and great chemistry, so they were able to react quickly and accordingly. In the editing process we were then able to combine this spontaneity with the precisely constructed and played out moments.


Written and Directed by – Diego Hauenstein

Producer – Diego Hauenstein

Cast – Denise Hasler, Patrick Slanzi

Cinematography – Ramón Königshausen

Editing – Simon Gutknecht

Costumes – Delia C. Keller

Location Sound Mix – Michael Karrer

Casting – Diego Hauenstein

Sounddesign – Benoît Barraud

Recording Sound Mix – Benoît Barraud

First Assistant Director – Luca Ribler

Dramaturgy – Dominik Wolfinger

Credits: Ramón Königshausen